Retiring Windows Home Server 2011

I’ve been planning to do this for a while, Windows Home Server in a post-Cloud world is causing more problems than it’s solving now. With my documents and other files being kept in OneDrive/Google Drive and the prevalence of streaming services reducing the need for large local libraries of media I’ve decided it’s finally time to retire my Windows Home Server. That’s not to say I’m not going to re-purpose my hardware or get rid of the media library I have but it’s definitely due an upgrade.

I have a couple of options open to me, the first and most likely route I’ll go down is installing a hypervisor on the server and create VMs as necessary to cover the services that I will actually miss from home server (mostly it’ll be media streaming for the existing library I have and web access to the server remotely). Secondly I could install Windows 10 on the hardware, present the disks that are currently a RAID 5 volume (LSI Raid Card) as JBOD and use Storage Spaces to protect the data. The latter option feels a little like Disk Pools did back in the original Windows Home Server so it is somewhat tempting. Finally, I could install a Windows Server product, Essentials most probably, and customise that to my needs.

Updates soon!