XBMC UPnP XBox 360

So my Windows Home Server has had to be shutdown. The external drive enclosure has stopped passing through it’s four disks. I’ve decided it’s best to turn off the machine to preserve it’s state until I figure out how to get the data off the machine.

In the mean time I’m sharing media from my desktop machine which works fine on the other desktop and laptops but not so good on the Xbox 360.

I’m running xbmc on my machine so I enabled it’s UPnP features in hope that it’d just work. No such luck. Once the media directory has been scanned by xbmc it appears on the 360. However for some reason it cannot play the files.

I initially thought this was a permissions issue but the samba share in question is accessible freely from any machine, and it plays just fine just to be sure I 777’d the directory. Still no dice.

I’ll spend some more time on this tomorrow and if I can get to the bottom of this I’ll update the post. Also if anyone has any idea how to fix this problem please let me know.