Mini-ITX Gaming Rig – Part 2

Continuing on from my last post then, all parts had arrived by Tuesday therefore that evening was build time. All in the build took about four hours, most of that time spent trying out the Corsair H60 in various mount points to see which would be the best fit. It turns out the first one, […]

Mini-ITX Gaming Rig – Part 1

My main desktop computer died some time last year (in fact so long ago I can’t actually remember when!). Since then I’ve been relying on my laptop which has done admirably considering its age – coming up for four years. Obviously then there was no impetus for me to replace the desktop, until a colleague at work […]

Web Security

With almost six months since my last post you may have been fooled in to thinking this blog had died a death. The truth is I’ve just been really busy at work and still am but I had to post about this subject as its really starting to get on my nerves. Web security, or […]

Office 15

Office 15, the next iteration of Office, has been made available to selected partners via the Technical Preview program. That in itself is fairly unremarkable (for more info read the official announcement on the Office Blog) but there is something in the blog that seems to have gone widely un-noticed by most places. “With Office […]

Planning 30th birthday celebrations

In September I’ll be 30. It’s a milestone for most people and so myself and a group of seven friends (four of who are also 30 this year) have decided that to celebrate we shall take a trip in October – it falls pretty much in the middle of all our birthdays, and a number […]

Cisco AnyConnect, OS X and Firefox

When I started work at brightsolid one of the tasks given (or rather one of the tasks I gave myself) was to get the Cisco AnyConnect client working on OS X. The symptoms are not very helpful in diagnosing the issue, the error you get will be something like “posture assessment failed”. Fortunately Cisco provide […]

Problem with Personal Hotspot on iOS 5

Having a busy week since upgrading to the iPhone 4S I hadn’t thought to test everything I had before the upgrade. The most important things worked so it wasn’t a big deal. That was until yesterday when I tried to use Personal Hotspot with my iPad. It was epic fail, the option was gone. I […]

Home Server Rebuild 2011

This post has been pending for a long while, I finished rebuilding my home server in May. It went pretty smoothly but there were some hiccups along the way, some doubt in the products I had bought and so on. All turned good in the end though. The setup is as follows: Fractal Design Array […]